Monday, August 10, 2015

Ethiopia bombed Somalia’s Shebab stronghold | Diplomat News Network

Ethiopian military helicopters

Ethiopian military helicopters
Baidao,Somalia (DIPLOMAT.SO) – Three Ethiopian army helicopters bombed military position for Al shabaab militants in Dalandoole village near Burhakaba district in Bay province,where dozens of fighters escaped from the village,a senior Somali military official told Diplomat News Network.
U.S. and Ethiopian air strikes reinforced the Somali army gains and crawling towards the villages and towns of the province of Bay.
Commander of 60 Infantry Brigade of Somali National Army Major General Ibraahim Yarow confirmed that his troops has seized over two vehicles, a variety of weapons and ammunition during the operation.
He added “The offensive has succeeded in driving the militants from several towns and districts they previously held”.
Military source said , Somali National Army with the support of AMISOM and some Ethiopian military battalions are trying to curb Al shabaab and destroy their strongholds in south-western Somalia before the end of the current year.
Somali National Army , AMISOM and Ethiopian soldiers have been fighting the insurgents in a joint operation since 2006, in a bid to end Al shabaab’s nine-year insurgency in southern and north-eastern Somalia that is threatening regional stability.

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