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Somalia: Who Destroyed Somali Hopes And Dreams? Part V | RBC Radio

Abdulkadir  Aden Mohamud “Jangeli”

Abdulkadir Aden Mohamud “Jangeli”
The literature you are about to read is divided into several parts. Its contents are based on facts and fictions. The players are the stakeholders of Somali politics and plights: Ethiopia, Kenya, Al-shabaab, “fadhikudirir,” so called parliament and the rest of the world.
President Hassan has appointed Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke as the third Prime Minister within the two years that he has been in the office. Alas, that tells how astute President Hassan is! Yet, the parliament gave vote of confidence to Sharmarke before he was given the list of his cabinet members, which exceeds 60 names. Like the Gang of Four of China in 1970’s during the cultural revolution, Somalia is hostage for the manipulation of
four men who control President Hassan’s decisions and activities.
Meanwhile, Ethiopians were very happy and satisfied the 60 members of the cabinet , especially the Four Gang were placed in the offices they wanted. But, a group of parliament members rejected Sharmarke’s cabinet members and warned that they will not give a vote of confidence.
Mr. Mariumu called his advisors as soon as he heard the bad news from Somali parliament’s rejection of the Ethiopian preferred Four Gang to be part of the new administration.
Mariumu: The news coming from Mogadishu is very bad for our goals and I am not pleased with Mr. Girgis. He assured me that Mr. Hassan and his advisors are masters of manipulation and experts of corruption and they will adequately deal with every obstacle of our plan. A group of boneheads from the parliament have spoiled our strategy and they are rejecting our men.
Alamanie: Who is this group? And how come they have the guts to reject what we want?
Girgis: They are the worst spoilers in the parliament and they are self-nominated as “National Salvation Group”
Alamanie: Where were Hassan and Farah when this spurious group was forming such a fake Somali “Salvation”.
Girgis: There is also another group called “National Correction Group” This group is about 70 members of parliament.
Alamanie: And how many members are the National Salvation group?
Girgis: They are between 80 and 100 members of the parliament. In total they can be 170 members of the parliament.
Mariumu: NO no no … this will change the whole landscape that we designed for Somalia. It is very dangerous for the plan of fishing Indian Ocean and Golf of Aden. We have to send delegations to Mogadishu, Galmudug, Puntland and Cabduwaq.
Alamnie: Please explain in layman’s term the main tasks of these delegations?
Mariumu: Before I explain the tasks, let me tell you about the main delegation which I intend to go into Mogadishu.This delegation must be led by top officials. We can’t go into Mogadishu without a reason, so we make a call for IGAD to meet in Mogadishu before the parliament reject the cabinets. This will give us an opportunity to talk with all the parties, including spoilers.
Meanwhile, we send delegation to Abudwaq to wake up Ahlu Sunna Wal-Jama and arm them to make some military activities in central regions. Thanks to Al-Shabab they are always doing their military actives in Southern Regions and Mogadishu, so they don’t need an emissary. Regarding Galmug, Abdi Qeybdid must stick to his positions about the division of Mudug region and must show that he is ready to fight as long as he has a drop of a blood in his veins. And we have to make him understand our position if he needs our support. Meanwhile, Abduweli Gas must reject the division of Mudug or even discuss this issue to any individual. He must show his muscle to anybody who tries to be part of Central Regional government and we will support him in that regard. These are the tasks of our delegation into different parts of ex-Somalia.
Girgis: It is a wonderful plan and I knew that you are a valuable student of our beloved late leader Mr. Zinawi; moreover, you are following his footsteps and blueprint for Somalia….KKKKKKK
Mariumu: Zinawi was a visionary leader and as you remember his last words were not to confront Somalis with military. They can easily defeat us regardless of our military superiority. Never forget how they were fighting in Mogadishu in 2007. Britain called them nomads without fear. So the best strategy is to divide and rule. It easy to set them clan based enclaves and give a false titles to the most power hunger person in the clan. They love titles like president, Prime Minister, Clan Chief or King. And they don’t care whether it is based on a clan affiliation or national. Look at the prominent Professors from USA Universities Mr. Galeydh and Gas who became Prime Ministers of Somalia and now they are running their small clan enclaves. Therefore, it is enough to give them a title and give them the tools to fight each other.
Girgis: I like that ……. Khatumo against Somaliland, Puntland against Khatumo, Somaliland against Puntland, and now Awdal…. It is amazing how good they are implementing our plan.
Alamanie: Mr. Girgis don’t forget Southwest Regions of Madobe Nuunow against Southwest Regions of sharif Hassan, Jubbaland against Southwest Regions and Galmug against Puntland.
Girgis: The irony is we support all of them and they know it, but never question our intention of supporting their enemies.
Mariumu: That is what our late leader figured out best to disintegrate Somali nationhood and possess the Shores of the Indian Ocean.
Alamanie: Why did we once believe that Somalis are intelligent people? It seems that they are not if they have not yet figured out our games.
Marium: Because they are all political animals and they love the power which blinds them. As long as you give them tools to grab any kind of power they forget what is good for their nation or clan.
Girgis: Mr. Prime Minister when are you dispatching the delegations?
Mariumu: As soon as possible.
Dr. Tedros led a delegation from Ethiopia to participate the Meetings of IGAD in Mogadishu. This meeting is about Somalia’s future and political stability. IGAD contributes to the majority of AMISOM’s military wing, even though it has been founded as a development organization. It stands for “Intergovernmental Authority for Development,” but Ethiopia changed it into a tool to manipulate Somali political affairs.
Now Ethiopians have seen that they can’t change much about the parliament positions, so they advised Hassan and Sharmarke to change the tactics and withdraw the names of ministers they nominated for re-organization.
Ifteen: Is this true or am I dreaming? Did our parliament reject the Four Gangs and the puppets of Hassan Sheikh?
Taagane: Your enthusiasm will not last more than a few days. I know these guys, at the end of the day Hassan will buy them off, plus Ethiopia’s interference can change the whole dynamics.
Ifteen: Nonsense! 157 members of the parliament are moving towards the right direction and even NATO can’t stop them. They feel the heat of the people and that is their fuel of no return. Today it is like the day we founded SYL so be optimistic brother!
Taagane: I love to be optimistic, but do you believe Godax Barre and his group are sincere?
Ifteen: Yes, until they show differently. We have to believe them and verify what they are claiming is true.
Mubarak: Abduweli was my classmate, and I talked to him during the campaign of no vote of confidence… and he told me that this will be good whether he stays or not. The parliament is changing their attitude by not acting on just the behalf of their clans. Sometimes what we may believe to be a bad action, may bring a brighter outcome for Somalia a whole.
Taagane: These parliamentarians are rebels, and rebels don’t last long.
Ifteen: Let me tell you a quote from Frederick Douglas “The thing worse than a rebellion, is the thing that causes the rebellion.”
………………………………….. To be continue VI
Abdulkadir Aden Mohamud “jangeli”

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