Thursday, May 1, 2014

Somalia – Kenya Diplomatic row heats up as Kenya appoints a new Representative to Kismanyo |


Somalicurrent – Kenyan Government newly appointed Representative to Kismanyo based regional administration has handed over his credential letters to the president of the provisional administration of Jubba Ahmed Moboobe, according to reports from Kismanyo.Ahmed Madoobe, President of Kismanyo based adminstration
Reports added that the President Ahmed Madobe received credential letters from the new representative as the he highlighted that he was appointed to enhance the bilateral relations and cooperation’s between Kenyan government and Regional administration in Jubba.
“Kenyan consulate will be soon opened in Kismanyo as Kenyan government is committed to improve the cooperation and relationship with Ahmed Madobe led administration based in Kismanyo.” Said Kenyan appointed Representative to Kismanyo administration,
An official from Somali Government National security forces in the region accused Kenya of violating Somalia’s territorial sovereignty and said, “The appointed representative to Jubba is not a consular to Kismanyo, but he is a Kenyan governor to the region, so as Kenya to take the control and the ownership of land of this region.”
This step taken by Kenyan government where it has appointed a new representative to one of Somalia’s regional administrations without giving any consideration and respect to Somalia’s territorial sovereignty and its central government is predicted to heat up the political and diplomatic tensions between Somalia and Kenya, as there are thousands of Kenyan armed troops serving under the African Peacekeeping mission forces who have close cooperation with Ahmed Madobe’s led provisional administration in Kismanyo are currently present in Somalia.
This incident is coming in a time when Somalia and Kenya are in a diplomatic row as Somalia federal government calls back its ambassador to Kenya for immediate consultation after Kenyan police forces have snatched high profile Somali diplomat in Kenya from his house where he has been held in custody for more than 5 hours.Somali Prime Minister
Somali Federal government officials including President, Prime Minister and Parliament Speaker denounced the barbaric attack on the high profile diplomat from Somali Embassy in Kenya Siyad Mohamud Shire by Kenyan police and called government in Kenya to give more clarification and clear answer about the incident.
Federal government officials have similarly expressed their deep concern on the mass arrests and cruel crackdown where more than thousands of Somali ethnic community including Somali refugees, Kenyan Somali nationals, and others seeking asylum have been rounded up and were in an impossible condition after Kenyan police forces indiscriminately arrested, tortured and forcefully deported in a brutal crackdown.
Mohamoud Godah

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