Sunday, December 8, 2013

Somalia:Dam Jadid makes Special Forces operating like Al-Shabab style in Mogadishu- Suna

Mogadishu {} Dam Jadid Islamist group made specially trained forces who are over 500 soldiers and were named Ruhanta according to the reports.
Ruhanta are part of the Somali National Security Forces, they operate such Al-Shabab security personnel style namely Amniyat.
Dam Jadid’s soldiers have killed five officials in the past two months including Mohamed Warsame Faysal, a member of the Somali federal parliament who was assassinated yesterday.
The assassinated figures were all dissatisfied with Dam Jadid’s policy.
Ruhanta, the Special Forces take orders from acting state minister of the Somali presidency, Farah Sh. Abdukadir and Qatar state pay their rights as government sources told Wagacusub Media.
The religious group of Dam Jadid emerged in 2011 and they are like Al-Shabab militants who were heard in 2006 and performed mass killing in the Somali capital Mogadishu.
Islamist Damu Jadiid who more danger than Al-Shabaab is ruling party
in Somalia.
By Dahir Alasow

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