Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ethiopia: Further Support to Somalia

The course of situations is now changing for the better in Somalia.
Known to all, Somalia has been in chaos for over a decade owing to different factors. One of the factors was the shortsighted move and obstinacy of the war lords on how to resolve the daunting situation in that country. The other difficulty was the infiltration of terrorists and fundamentalists to exploit the trouble in this war torn country to realize their agendas. As a result, Somalia has been a haven ground for such forces like Al-Ithad, Al-Qaida and Al-Shabaab. These terrorist groups have been exhaustively engaged not only in sustaining the suffering of the Somali people due to lack of peace but also destabilizing the Horn Region and areas beyond. Terrorist attacks in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia in the last two decades are clear testimony to the fact.
As a matter of fact, the international community, AU being the main actor, has taken different measures to reinstate Somalia as a country. Neighbouring countries also have tried to pacify this troubled nation through different initiatives. Ethiopia has been at a forefront to normalize the situation in Somalia by assisting the recently relinquished Transitional Government in all means possible.
Now, fortunately, these efforts have borne fruit resulting in helping the establishment of a permanent government in Somalia. However, this success is not the end of the story. The new government still needs support from all peace loving corners and from the neighbouring countries in particular. Moreover, it is highly important to put an end to the Al-Qaida linked terrorist group Al-Shabaab if peace and security is to reign in Somalia.
Ethiopia's position is always consistent with regard to peace and security in Somalia. There is no hidden agenda behind this stand. It is the most affected neighbouring country if turmoil continues to prevail in this sisterly country. Ethiopia and Somalia are linked geographically, historically, culturally, linguistically and genealogically. Therefore, any good or bad incident happening in Somalia affects Ethiopia directly or indirectly. The spillover is, undoubtedly, immense.
Hence, Ethiopia appreciates steps taken by AMISOM to carry off Al-Shabaab and strengthen the legally established government in Somalia. Towards that end also, it will play a positive role in the frame work of AU decisions and its operation in Somalia.

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