Monday, September 17, 2012

Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia should unite ! - Topix

Its time for ethiopians, somalis and eritreans to form a cushitic-semitic democratic union. 
The bantu supremacists are colonizing cushitic lands in northern Kenya and the wahabists/arab supremacists are colonizing cushitic lands ( beja lands) in northern Sudan and southeastern Egypt. 
If Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia united you could stop the wahabists/arab supremacists and liberate the cushitic bejas in northern Sudan and southern Egypt and include them in your cushitic-semitic Horn union and you could stop the bantu colonization and liberate northern cushitic Kenya and include NFD in your union.

This Kush( beja)-Axum( tigray-amhara)-Punt(afar-somal i-oromo) union is the only way to stop the arab and bantu colonization of the cushitic Horn.

Example of bantu colonization of cushitic lands: 

Example of arab colonization of cushitic lands: 

Al-shebaab is sponsored by wealthy wahabists/arab-supremacists who desire to destroy the cushitic somali culture and arabize the Horn from northeastern Sudan( beja lands) to northern Kenya ( somali borana lands). Al-shebaab are using bantu footsoldiers who are committing mass rape of cushitic somali women.

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